Feature Artist Maya Eventov

Characterized by thick application of acrylic paint using a selection of different sized pallet knives, the works of Maya Eventov capture the joyous freedom of bright blue skies, wilderness and cafes.

Eventov’s Mediterranean themed landscapes — idealized and imaginary – capture the quintessential beauty of warm sunlight, ocean breezes and the ease of a slower pace of life.


Introduced at a young age to the artistic wonders of the city of Leningrad, now St. Petersburg, much time was spent at the Hermitage Museum studying the works of the great masters such as Gauguin, Matisse, Rousseau, Van Gogh, and Cezanne.

Their inspiration, technique and ability to capture the emotion of a subject or to inspire emotion within viewers clearly peaked Eventov’s interest. The works of the post-impressionists and those of the Russian Avant-Garde, especially fascinated Eventov and one can witness that the pallets of Matisse and Gauguin have provided powerful influence on how Eventov interprets colour while she says, “Rodchenko and Malevich influenced her sense of balance and composition”.

Poppies at Dawn
Poppies at Dawn


Skill is garnered from formal education, but Eventov’s ability to connect not only her own soul, but the souls of her patrons to nature and the beauty that surrounds us in our environment is raw talent and insight; it is the ability to see the beauty in the mundane, to create from a memory and imagination.

I get my inspiration from everything around me, and sometimes the most mundane things that I notice could appear in my works in the most unpredictable moment. I create the world I want to see and every painting gives you a glimpse to where I wanted to be at the moment. My ability to create comes from my love of the process. It is my favourite pastime, it is my passion, it is a very big part of my life”.

Beginning at the age of 6, Eventov studied art in various forms. Her immense skill and talent found her accepted to the prestigious High School #190, affiliated with the St. Petersburg State Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts. Eventov found elements of this boring and uninspiring. She much preferred collegial exhibits, the “underground exhibits” organized by students. The gritty, raw and experiential camaraderie of the art world felt much more like home for such a creatively explorative young woman.

“During my university training in Russia I had to paint landscapes and still life’s exactly as they were and I feel that it prepared me for the stage in my artistic life I am in now”.


Graduating with a master’s degree in graphic design, Eventov began working illustrating children’s books. After the fall of the “Iron Curtain” she took advantage of the freedom by traveling, exploring her dreams. She immigrated to Canada in the early 90’s where she foundan instant and immediate appreciation for her work. Very quickly she became involved in the local art scene and although she is incredibly busy today, she maintains a strong presence within her local community. Today, Maya and her husband Boris reside in the Hamilton, Ontario area close to their two beautiful daughters.

Texture is typical of Eventov’s work and as she settled in Canada and began to draw inspiration from it’s landscape, her famous birch trees came to be. Birch trees are iconic to Russia, to Canada too. Eventov says, “I don’t use photographs or sketch anything and my painting almost appear in front of me as I follow my intuition. I believe people are so drawn to my work because it exudes the happiness I feel from creating it, that I allow myself to be very vulnerable in allowing the viewer to see exactly how my pallets knife touched the canvas, how sure and passionate MayaEventov53d16e23155a2.JPGmy every stroke is through the texture of my paintings, which I always encourage people to touch.”